This Maruti 800 is a survivor

This Maruti 800 is a survivor

… and it’s in a colour that you would have probably never seen on a Maruti 800. Here’s a quick story about a 1988 Pista Green Maruti 800 from Hyderabad.

Not many cars were made in this shade. 1988 was a stage of transition for the Maruti 800. Earlier batches had majority parts imported from Japan. From 1987-88, localised content in the 800 increased significantly. The car retains what makes these 800s so endearing to the enthusiast: the slatted grille, the bonnet release button and chrome hub caps.
This car was discovered lying neglected at a garage. Probably, it was love at first sight for the current owner. Glad he took the plunge and rescued this tiny car.
After some tender loving car, the car was brought back to life. It proudly wears the scars. And honestly, there is no shame in that. It’s a reminder of the fact that the car is a survivor. The photograph has been taken at the local transport office with the car awaiting its turn to get its registration renewed. Note the lovely biscuit cream Maruti Omni.
And it gets certified. It gets its right to live for another 5 years at least! The owner has given a period touch with some cool stickers on the rear windshield and hatch.
The interiors still retain the original upholstery. Quite remarkable considering what the car went through before it was brought back to life.

Not every car has to be a museum piece. As long as it has a story attached to it and it keeps the owner happy, it’s all that matters. So the next time you see a car lying neglected in your neighbourhood, do give a second thought!

MotorBlabber would like to thank the owner for sharing the pictures. The 800 featured here is a part of the Classic Maruti Enthusiasts (CME) Club.

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